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Server Info / Stats

We currenty have 5 24/7 Servers and 1 Test Server for our (and your) enjoyment.

Click the following links to find out more about them. The Rulez and Regz are different for each server so check out both of them.

{MC}Paradise CS Starwars2 Server
This is our Starwars2 Server. Formerly {MC}Paradises CS Main Server

{MC}Paradise Other Starwars II Mod Server
This is our Other Starwars II Mod Server. This server is a favorite for Starwars_trench Fans. 24/7 Trench Assault!

{MC}Paradise Anarchy Server
Anarchy? What does this mean? No Rulez? No Admins? No Authority What-so-ever?

{MC} Paradise Test Server
Testing, testing... is this thing on?

{MC}Paradise Extra Server
This is our Extra CS Server. This server is being retired for the time being. It may be used as a Beta Test server if needed.

Got Maps? Here we have detailed info on the Maps on our servers.

Server Admin List
This is is a list of all the Admins on our server. If they aren't here, they aren't Admins!

{MC}Paradise CS:S Server
This is our CS Source Server, Yes we have a Source server! Been up since Source went live...

{MC} Paradise War3FT/SavedXP Server
This is our newest Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Mod Server.

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