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ParaDOX Maps

These are maps that I have made. There are more coming. Feel free to sign up for Beta testing if you are interested.

You can download them in the downloads section.

Let me know what you think of the map...

Author: {MC}Dead and {MC}ParaDOX
Mission: Pick up a Nade and let fly! Throw the Nades through the clear windows. Watch your back though... No weapons except Nades and Knife. :)
Map Type: 5
{MC}Dead and {MC}ParaDOX
Presents: deads_nades
released 11-5-2004
Deads_nades is a Map I made with My son while I was working on starwars_trench.
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Author: {MC}ParaDOX
Mission: REBEL ALLIANCE (Terrorists): Bomb Carrier (Luke) has to get to the Exhaust port and plant the bomb to destroy the DeathStar before the DeathStar Destroys the Rebel Base. IMPERIAL FORCES (Counter-Terrorists): Prevent Luke from destroying the DeathStar and Destroy the Rebel Base. Use the Tie Fighters and the Laser Turrets to stop the Rebels.
Map Type: 1
This is a Star Wars themed map based in the 4th episode of Star Wars, A New Hope.
Designed for low gravity. But also playable in regular gravity.
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