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Tie in the Pit Contest

Posted by on Friday, November 21, 2003 (EST)

Starting last night we held an impromptu contest. The prize, Admin for a week!

The rules were simple, get a Tie in the Pit and survive, while not intentionally killing each other. It was close! The two contestants were, Radio Raheem (current holder of the #1 spot in statsme) and Empire #9. The battle went on for several rounds with me, {MC}ParaDOX as referee (using god mode and noclip, better communication than spectating) they both did very good, each getting the tie into positions I've never seen before! Empire died as his Tie was mysteriously popped through the walls! It was amazing! However he died prior to this occuring so he didn't win the grand prize. However I felt their efforts were so valiant that I gave them both a consolation prize, admin for a day! Their admin priveledges will expire at midnight Friday 11/21/2003 Be good to them and treat them as if they were regular admins.

This was so much fun and in the spirit of why I choose to host servers in the first place that I have decided to try and hold more contests! Some of the contests I have thought up so far are: The rewards will be admin for a day or for a week. Any other prize ideas will be welcome

Best contest idea

Awp - one on one

Scout - one on one

Pistol - one on one (knife is too obvious!)

Coolest space trick, on map of choice (low grav)

Holding the #1 spot for a week/day, current top 15 holders not qualified

First to get a tie on the bottom in a specified time or rounds (dead or alive)

Consecutive winners or those that do an exeptional job at being an Admin may become permanent!

Discuss this in the forums here.
Check out a screenshot here.

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